Meet the Principal

Dear CHS Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

It is an honor and privilege to serve the students, staff, parents, and community of Chillicothe as Principal of Chillicothe High School (CHS).  I am Chillicothe born and raised, and I know how special this community is and all the potential we have for the future.  I have spent my entire professional career as a member of the CHS staff; first as a teacher for five years, then as a district-level administrator for two years, and now entering my seventh year as Principal of CHS.  To be a part of the Cavalier Community is special.  I know with this job there are expectations, and I welcome the opportunity to work with a caring and diverse staff and student body to meet or exceed all expectations placed on us as a school.  Our building’s success comes from a combination of a caring staff and student body, as well as parental and stakeholder support from the community. At CHS we believe in the motto “Once a Cavalier, Always a Cavalier!”  We welcome you into our community; we want you to be a part of the Cavalier tradition and promise you will be pleased with the quality and diverse education CHS offers its students and community.  From “A” ratings from the Ohio Department of Education to being recognized as one of “America’s Best High Schools” from U.S. News & World Report our students, staff, and school are consistently acknowledged for exceptional work.

You will not find a more rigorous, demanding, diverse, well organized curriculum in all of Southern Ohio.  I can make that statement without reservation because I believe it to be the truth and expect nothing less.  CHS is an outstanding academic institution.  I urge the community to look over our website and our course handbook to review all the wonderful opportunities we offer the students of CHS.

We have developed and have in place course syllabi for every course we teach with conceptual learning targets for content based instruction and assessments to make sure our curriculum is aligned with the state model as our students are exposed to the essential elements of each subject.  We offer our students a rigorous and diverse curriculum containing 17 Advanced Placement Courses, 36 Honors Courses, College Credit Plus (beginning in 7th grade), the Credit Flexibility Program, individualized course planning and educational assistance to meet students educational needs, on-line educational options to meet the needs of different kinds of learners, and much more!

CHS shows its course diversity through its electives as we offer 3 foreign languages, an art department with multiple course offerings, the only orchestra in Southern Ohio, an outstanding band that is growing, and a choral music program that has its own dance and singing ensemble, the Cavalites!  We understand that different students have different interests and different futures beyond high school, and our curriculum reflects that.  We also offer work/internship programs through our Business Courses, Nursing Program, Sports Medicine Program, Digital Media Program, Broadcast Journalism Program, and CBI Program.  We strive to always improve by offering a rigorous curriculum and important remedial courses such as Credit Recovery, CAPA, and Lab Courses for unique learners.  We also have programs in place that allow our students to take leadership roles within the school and outside in the community to make the learning environment of CHS a better place to learn and the community a better place to live. 

CHS also offers its students the opportunity to participate in 15 different sports.  The opportunities for students to showcase their talents in the classroom, athletic arena, and community are immense and nearly endless.

We invite you to explore our website ( or contact us to learn more about Chillicothe High School.  Take a look at our course offerings, course syllabi, athletic teams, bell schedules, student handbook, teacher’s schedules, and much more to become better acquainted with our elite school.

My father (Wesley H. Fisher) was the Principal of the Pioneer Center for over thirty years, and he once said, “Parents send you their two most precious commodities:  their children and tax dollars.  They have a right to expect excellence from us as educators.  We must strive to achieve excellence for not just them but our entire community.  It’s our job.”  I carry this quote and belief with me every day, and I assure you we will expect excellence from our staff and students at CHS every single day. You have my word that I will always work hard and do what is right for the students of CHS.  These students represent the future of our community and we know that in order for our students to leave CHS ready to be productive community members, a first class education is of the utmost importance.  Your son or daughter truly attends the BEST HIGH SCHOOL IN SOUTHEAST OHIO and one that is rated as among the best in the entire state of Ohio.

Please feel free to call or email me anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions to make CHS an even better school. 



Jeffrey R. Fisher

Chillicothe High School Principal

2015 Ohio Principal of the Year

Email: or Phone: 740-702-2287 ext. 16201

Twitter: @JeffreyRFisher