Keys to Success

Keys to Success Introduction


     I'm so excited to be a part of introducing this program to the students of Chillicothe.  Starting this year, members of the senior class are eligible to win a new 2016 Dodge Dart and many other incentives for volunteering to take a pledge that they will help TAKE BACK OUR TOWN by doing three things:  Staying Drug Free, Following the Code of Conduct/ staying out of trouble, and maintaining a minimum GPA of 1.75.  Wow!  This is a great opportunity for students to stand up against the pressures that so many face and give them a great way out and reason to avoid temptation that could harm their futures!  I am confident that our students will take this stand.  Please explore this page to find out more about this wonderful new program.


Ty Park

Chillicothe High School Teacher








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