• Alert: Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians of Chillicothe High School and Chillicothe Middle School. As has be mentioned in the past, safety is our number one priority. Officer Preston and the Chillicothe Police Department have asked me to let you know that starting on Monday 11/18/19 you will not be permitted to double park in the Northbound or Southbound lanes on Yoctangee Parkway during arrival or pick up. While this problem has existed in the past, it has now increased and parents and guardians are parking in the Southbound lanes and kids are running across the street to enter these vehicles without utilizing the appropriate cross walks. Please make sure you are also not double parking and blocking the state mandated cross walk across Yoctangee Parkway. Another item that will be strictly enforced will be the u turns at all intersections along the complex. This includes the Arch/Yoctangee intersection where the traffic lights are. The Chillicothe Police Department is giving you the opportunity to correct these actions before they start issuing tickets on Monday, November 18, 2019. Parking tickets as well as traffic citations will be issued accordingly. There are some alternatives to the parking issue. You are free to park on the North lot(CHS Student parking area) anywhere there is a spot at the end of the day and have your child walk out to your car. You are also free to drop your student off in the circle in front of the main Hatton gym area. If you park on the North lot, the easiest exit is out towards the back road however, you can exit onto Yoctangee or North from this lot as well. You are also permitted to park on the South lot(CMS lot) as well. You may also drop your CMS student to walk up the sidewalk to the main entrance. When using the South lot the best exit is into the park from the south. Please do not exit from the south lot towards Yoctangee and Arch as the buses enter this area and many children are crossing the street at the cross walks as well. Please understand the Chillicothe Police Department as well the Chillicothe City Schools wants the students to remain safe when arriving and departing our complex.
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