Preschool - Curriculum

Last Updated: 8/1/2019 3:14 PM


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We have been implementing The Creative Curriculum in our program for many years.  It is aligned with the Early Learning and Development Standards and includes five components in its framework.  They include:

  • How Children Develop and Learn
  • The Learning Environment
  • What Children Learn
  • Caring and Teaching
  • Partnering With Families

The Creative Curriculum has objectives that guide teachers planning for children’s learning and assessment.  The Curriculum is implemented in interest areas throughout the classroom.  The interest areas include: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys & Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand & Water, Music & Movement, Cooking, Computers and Outdoors. 

Our program enhances children’s social and emotional competencies for school readiness and we nurture the child’s self-confidence and temperament.  Children feel free to express feelings and share their thoughts and beliefs.  They are engaged in an environment that promotes a sense of purpose for each child.