Preschool - Discipline Policy

Last Updated: 8/1/2019 3:34 PM


Learning self-control is just a normal part of growing up, so our policy is never to embarrass or ridicule a child when he/she misbehaves. Nor do we allow the use of corporal or physical punishment. Instead, we use positive responses that strengthen the self-esteem of children. Most situations can be handled by redirecting the child to another, more appropriate activity. This approach is called "positive redirection."

1. The teacher will be responsible for the discipline in the room.

2. The child will be guided toward appropriate behavior.

3. The child will be separated from the group for a time (in the same room) until his/her behavior warrants coming back to the group.

4. If the child continues to be a discipline problem, the parents, teacher, preschool parent coordinator and the director will talk together to try to solve the problem.

5. If the child continuously disrupts the class, or becomes a threat to other children, the child may be immediately removed from the program.